dior saddle bag

The iconic Saddle bag has been reinvented in two sizes with leather, Dior Oblique canvas and embroidery versions available. Sold separately, the embroidered wide canvas straps add a stylish touch and allow the bag to be carried in different ways.

Saddle Bag於2000年由Dior前任總監John Galliano打造,新季現任女裝藝術總監Maria Grazia Chiuri將其加以改良,如全新大尺碼增強了Saddle的實用度,又或是添加長肩帶令用家能配搭出更率性層次,每個細心考量都為這永不過時的Saddle帶來更多穿搭可能。

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Giddy-up. The Dior saddle bag was conceived by John Galliano in ’99 at the height of the It-bag era and quickly raced to fame, thanks in part to its appearance on the arm of Carrie and Co. on Sex and The City. Today it remains an everlasting icon. We’ve got the

4/12/2018 · Saddle Bag 今年以鋪天蓋地的時尚達人和明星「洗版」宣傳手法成功突圍,過去六月在網上搜尋率大增100%,更推高了中古品價格。在上Vestiaire Collection 上,同樣的尺寸又是良好狀態的中古袋子也正售二萬多港幣!Dior Oblique Canvas Medium Saddle Bag $

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3/12/2018 · Dior Saddle Bag在秋冬是最常見到的款式,Dior Saddle Bag曾在2000年推出,今年卻大勢回歸,搜索量大增 100% 。 第1位:Gucci Marmont Belt Bag ($9,400) 同樣是腰包款,但Gucci Marmont Belt Bag被選為最想要的袋款,而且每6秒就有人搜索這腰包,連一眾

9/9/2019 · Dior Saddle Bag Dior Saddle Bag 不是近年的新創作,早於 1999 年 John Galliano 以馬鞍作靈感設計推出的手袋款式,一推出後,整個千禧年都是 Dior Saddle Bag 的天下,不少女星名模都愛以 Dior Saddle Bag 示人,來到 2018 秋冬, Dior 設計總監 Maria Grazia

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縱觀多日的街拍照,我們發現最受時尚達人們歡迎的手袋就是 Dior Saddle Bag!今年 3 月 Dior 發佈了 2018 秋冬系列,當中有一系列復古的灰 x 黑色 monogram 手袋,Saddle Bag (又名馬