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重視社會責任 關懷員工成長 置地文華東方酒店成業界先鋒 近年本港旅遊業發展蓬勃,也

Administration plays a coordinating role that involves lots of multitasking and provides support services for corporate operation. You can find part-time and full-time job vacancies on CTgoodjobs including administrative assistant, clerk, administration officer, and

CTgoodjobs集合超過30個範疇的課程,涵蓋多個行業,助各界人士持續進修,掌握市場需要。 強積金培訓 單元五: 「可扣稅自願性供款」 強積金中介人


The data contained in your search results have been collected from job seekers by means of a web-based survey, via regularly updated member profiles and salary information posted by employers as part of recruitment advertisements, as well as from salary reports

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